Classic Looks Meet Modern Luxury

The Latin word luxuria is the root of the word "luxury," which in ancient times referred to an abundance of certain objects or commodities. 

The term "luxury" may be used for applied arts, especially metalwork, ceramics, glass, arms and armour, where both utilitarian and luxury versions of the same types of objects were made. Luxury comes from a Latin word meaning 'little extra' and is often used as a descriptor for products such as soft drinks.

Though often verging on the meaningless in modern marketing, the term luxury—which originated in art history—remains a legitimate and current term to describe objects that are especially highly decorated to very high standards and use expensive materials.

The modern style is a trend that has existed for hundreds of years. Modern is sometimes confused with contemporary, which means “of or relating to the present time”; however, modern is essentially referencing the period of art history described as Modern Art: 1950–1970.

Modern lighting design is both functional and luxurious, with a clean aesthetic. It has an absence of ornamentation and transitions between varying materials and forms are smooth and thoughtful. 

Modern designers today are increasingly careful to base their concepts in the minimalist paradigm. However, they are also careful to realize that certain features require a bit of lightness and airiness, while also allowing for the use of various accessories and accents to revise or update the modern idea.


This month's highlighted luxury pendant :



Bring a touch of contemporary style to any arrangement with The Iona Pendant.


This most loved series of luminaires with spherical and cylindrical shades in transparent or matte design is ideal for creating stylish combinations that illuminate a room in luxurious style. The size range of each type allows you to choose a lamp from this series for any scale of objects in your interior.


These light fixtures have a similar style. Their construction is modern, industrial, and effective in their use of materials.These pieces also come from a modern style and are made in a way that looks classically attractive but also luxurious.

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