2022 Modern Pendant Light Tips

Luxury Pendant Light Ideas 

Light can shape space. Light can evoke emotion. Light can create mood. 
Our lighting is crafted with materials of the highest quality and designed to transcend trends. With unique finishes, textures, and customizable options that allow you to bring your vision to life. 
We know that lighting can be one of the most important details in almost any space, and pendants are a great option. They’re versatile enough to feel elegant in a modern office, as well as offering enough style options to create an inviting ambiance in your home. Think of this as your opportunity to let your creative side take over while also illuminating your life. 

Choosing The Right Pendant Light For You!
First, consider the location of your light. Is it going to be in the center of a room? Above a table? The placement and size of your pendant light will depend on where you place it. You might also want to think about how much light you will need as well as how many lights you want. After all, if you’re hanging the light over a dining room table, you’ll probably want more than one pendant light. 
Lighting creates ambiance in every home. Proper lighting can make even the most basic furnishing and decor look expensive. But choosing the right lighting is not always as simple as it seems. Patterns, textures, and colors, for example, can all play a significant role in helping you find the right fixtures for your space. More importantly, lighting is more than just aesthetics: without proper lighting, daily tasks can be difficult to complete and many of your favorite activities may go by the wayside. 
When choosing a lighting solution, consider the style and size of your kitchen. Pendant lights tend to look best when paired with islands and other small tables, while chandeliers are more at home in larger spaces. Don’t be afraid to place one light fixture in an area you feel needs it. 
Set The Right Aesthetic For Your Entryway With The Liva Pendant Light
The Liva Pendant and Liva Wall Light exudes elegance without sacrificing functionality. 
Each piece is carefully crafted by hand with steel, providing a refined appeal in every detail. The Liva Collection’s simple yet luxurious design makes it the perfect addition to any space. 
If you are looking for a way to add mood lighting as well as an exceptional piece of art to your living room, dining area or even your bedroom, this light is a perfect choice. Carefully handcrafted by skilled artists, the unique design of this light gives it a one-of-a-kind appearance. 

This month's highlighted pendants :


Liven Up Any Room With The Erma Pendant Light 

This pendant is the perfect accent for any space.

Bringing a touch of glam to your space, Erma Pendant has a unique design made with blown-glass . The cylindrical form offers a simple yet contemporary update to your home. 

Erma is the perfect accompaniment to any living room, dining room or bedroom. From a functional point of view, the Pendant can serve as an accent lighting fixture or supplement your current lighting layout when hung in conjunction with other Erma or Erma Globe Pendants. The Pendant can carry over all three finishes seen in the Wall Sconce - Brass and Bronze with a Satin finish and Brushed Nickel.



Rest assured that both of these marvelous styles are the perfect match for your space. Very minimal and sleek without sacrificing uniqueness and functionality. 

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